Business concept

Bräcke diakoni provides non-profit care and health care,
based on the desire to see and the power to change.

Who we are

Bräcke diakoni provides a wide range of non-profit care and health care. Our goal is for people to grow. Our knowledge about health care, care for the elderly and functional disabilities goes hand in hand with research and education. We currently have centres at various locations in southern Sweden – and we continue to develop and grow.

Core values

The Bräcke diakoni foundation’s commitment to people is rooted in a Christian view on humanity.
We want to contribute to greater compassion and confirm human equality in our society. For us, everyone is welcome, regardless of faith and belief. To us, diaconia stands for:

The desire to see
- We have the desire to see people as individuals and meet them with respect.
- We have the desire to see the flaws in society and the courage to do something about them.

The power to change
- We believe in the individual’s power to understand, manage and create meaning in their lives.
- We believe in the power of our colleagues, through their professionalism and commitment, to support people in different life situations.


Bräcke Diakoni

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